Buntingford Bowls Club
Record Victories
1922 - 2017​​​​​​​

Inter - Club Competitions
Bowls England National Two Fours
Two Fours Competition - Men
Men20th May 2013Home68 -20vPotten End
S Keen, P Agnew, C Frostick, S Wake37 -10

R Evans, B Davies, J Powell, M Plume31 -10

Men17th May 2014Home58 -29vDatchworth
Men16th June 2013Away55 -19vRoebuck
Bowls England National Mixed Two Fours
Two Fours Mixed Competition for the Over 60's
Mixed8th May 2013Home41 -27vPotten End
Bowls England National Champion of Champions
Men23rd May 2017Home21 -1vAbbotts Langley
2nd Round Match - Vic Greenberg v Steve Collins (in just 9 ends)
HB County League
Two Fours Competition - Men
3rd/4th Place Play-Off
Men17th Sept 2017Garston59 -17vHemel Hempstead
R Murphy, B Davies, S Wake, M Plume33 -7

P Warren, T Keeling, V Greenberg, G Warrrender26 -10

HB East Area League Cup
Two Fours Competition - Men. 1 Rink Competition - Ladies
Men28th July 2016Home71 -28vWare
R Murphy, M Hatley, S Wake, C Frostick36 -9

R Evans, B Davies, J Powell, M Plume35 -18

Men28th July 2010Home68 -18vHavers Park
Men31st July 2013Home66 -15vHertford Castle
Ladies31st July 2014Away29 -10vHertford Castle
Highest Individual Winning Rinks
Men1st June 1995Home45 -5vWare
George Davison, Bert Cherrington, Eddie Plume, Mark Plume
Men23rd July 2015Away41 -8vWare
Peter Agnew, Bryan Davies, Carl Frostick, John Powell
Ladies31st July 2014Away29 -10vHertford Castle
Val Moules, Kath Thrower, Mary Smith, Joan Branagan
HB County Top Team
Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours Competition - Men
Men15th May 2009Away21 -2vHitchin
Singles:  Scott Wake

Men13th June 2014Home42 -9vHarperbury
Pairs:  Roger Evans & Mark Plume

Men26th May 2017Away30 -4vBishop's Stortford
Triples:  Peter Agnew, John Powell, Mark Plume

EHBA Lyndhurst Trophy
1 Triple played at Home, 1 Triple Away - Men
Men28th July 2009
57 -19vHertford Castle
EHBA Thurgood Cup
Two Fours Competition - Men
Men30th June 2015Home55 -19vSawbridgeworth
R Evans, B Davies, S Wake, M Plume30 -9

P Agnew, K Mulqueen, C Frostick, J Powell25 -10

Men13th July 2017Home53 -19vSele Farm
R Evans, M Hatley, C Frostick, S Wake29 -16

P Warren, B Davies, M Plume, G Warrender24 -6

EHBL Ranson Cup
Two Fours Competition - 1 Rink Home, 1 Rink Away - Men
Men14th June 2009
69 -15vHertford Castle
Ladies Monday Evening League
1 Rink Competition - Ladies
Ladies4th July 2011Home36 -11vRosehill
Val Moules, Kath Thrower, Mary Smith, Beat Stone
EHBL Division Three
2 Triples - Men
Buntingford Bulls
Men28th August 2014Home70 -14vStevenage Whites
B Davies, T Duffin, C Oats35 -5

J Collins, G Amos, R Brown35 -9

Buntingford Bears
Men17th July 2017Home61 -18vMuch Hadham
N Bentley, M Hatley, T Keeling38 -6

S Keen, L Purdy, M Marks23 -12


        Buntingford Bowls Club
     Club Competition Finals 1922-2017:
                       Club Championship Singles Final
Men2013Mark Plume21 -4John Powell
Ladies2014Debbie Marks21 -5Liz Tibble

                            Club Handicap Singles Final
Men2009Mark Plume26 -6Bob Dingley
Ladies2009Beat Stone25 -3Lou Purdy

                            Club Four Wood Pairs Final

Tom McDonagh &
John Stone
31 -4George Swaby &
Roger Evans

Grace Gibbs &
Beat Stone
21 -7Jackie Thomas &
Val Moules

                             Club Two Wood Pairs Final

George Thrower &
Mark Plume
24 -5Ray Kinchin &
Eddie Plume

Janet Ewins &
Jenny Eldred
26 -10Zonia Williamson &
Rosemary Webber


Beat Stone &
Janet Ewins
23 -7Dinah Geere &
Rosemary Webber

                                 Club Mixed Pairs Final

Mary Smith &
Ken Mulqueen
30 -4Jean Cook &
Len Purdy

                             Club Williams Singles Final
Men2008Carl Frostick21 -1Bryan Davies
Ladies2007Beat Stone21 -12Ian Priest

                            Club Boniwell Singles Final
Men2016Brian Bushell21 -5Len Purdy
Ladies2013Jenny Hawes21 -19Eddie Plume

                      Club Two Wood Plate Singles Final
Mixed2016Mark Plume18 -7Ray Watkins

                                            21 ends played

2010Len Purdy21 -5Bryan Renney

                                           First to 21 shots

                               Club Junior Singles Final
Mixed1988Mark Plume28 -4Tim Eagle

                                             18 ends played

                          Club New Members Singles Final
Mixed2011Paul Booth34 -7Peter Hill

                                            21 ends played

2003Steve Fowler21 -5Len Purdy

                                            First to 21 shots

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