Buntingford Bowls Club
'A Club for all Ages, Abilities and Aspirations'
 - Please dont wait until you retire to enjoy this great game of ours.....
 - We're a club for all ages - from the 'young' to the 'young at heart'....
 - Buntingford operate successful Competitive sides for both Men and Ladies.
 - Buntingford play many Friendly Matches across the County of Hertfordshire.
 - Buntingford Bowls club has an excellent Social side and is renowned across    the Bowls clubs in Hertfordshire for its excellent hospitality. 

Bowls is a Sport that has very few rules and it really isn't that complicated at all. Any age can play to the very young, or to those that are just young at heart....... Bowls can be as competitive or as relaxed as you want it to be. Bowls is played in Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours. There are Team games, Mixed games Competition games or Friendly games. It's a Sport that's really quick to learn. 
Bowls combines accuracy, strategy, exercise and it really is a lot of fun. It's a Sport that will have you smiling and it's a great way to spend some time making new friends and socialising.......
Bowls is just brilliant - it really is one awesome Sport.......
Buntingford Bowls Club will hold 'OPEN DAYS' during the months of April and May for anyone to have a look around the club and meet some of its members. Then during the month of May 'FREE LESSONS' are available and run by qualified Bowls Coaches - and yes, they are Free. And all of the equipment is provided by the club.
if you have missed the Open Day or lessons, don't wait until next year - make contact with us now. We'll be happy to hear from you.           

There aren't that many sports where you'll have the opportunity to play against County Champions, National Champions and even World Champions on a regular basis - Bowls really does give you the opportunity to do just that.
You may not aspire to play at the highest level in the game - and you know what, that's ok. At Buntingford we let you find the level you feel comfortable at. Whatever you wish to acheive at our great club, we'd like to provide you with a full ​​​​​understanding of the whole Bowls set up through all of the different levels so you can make up your own mind and have a clear understanding:

 * You can just come down and have a Roll-Up if you want to. 
 * You can nominate for Friendly matches including the Mid-week games where the score doesn't really matter and it's a great way to meet new people and socialise.
* If you want to start to dip your toe into competitive bowls, then you can start by nominating for the Bowls League matches for Men, or the Monday Evening League or the Friday Afternoon League for the Ladies. Ths is a great way to have a taster of what competition bowls is like.
* The next step up is to enter the East Herts Competitions (both Men & Ladies). There are Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours matches and you can test yourself against some of the players from across the East of Hertfordshire. Buntingford also play team competitions against those teams from the East and the Team Manager will select a squad to play. So, if you feel you want to play at this level then start to enter the East Herts competitons and start to perform well.
* You can also nominate to represent the East in their matches including the East Herts Bowls Association, the East Herts District Women's Bowls Association and the East Herts Bowls League. This again is a friendly environment where it's nice to win, but really it's again about meeting new people and socialising.
* Entering County Competitions is your next step. This is where the real challenge starts to begin playing against some of the best players from across Hertfordshire. Buntingford also enter team competitions against clubs from across the whole of Hertfordshire and again if you want to be considered for selection then performing well in County competitions is a great way to put yourself in the frame. The winners and Runners Up in the 'Major' County Competitions qualify for the Bowls England National Championships, and qualifying is the absolute pinnacle for every Club Bowler.
* Anyone can enter a National Competition where the prize again is qualification for the Bowls England National Championships by reaching the latter stages. This is a real test for players. Buntingford also enter National Competitions as a Club and as before the Team Manager will select the squad to play based on ability and recent performances.
* Playing for your County is a real aim for every club bowler, and there are 4 levels of representing Hertfordshire. There are Friendly County games where again it's nice to win but it's not everything. Playing in the Eastern Counties League against other Counties from across the East of England is very competitive and this is a great way to test yourself against some top players. The next 2 steps above this are the highest honours you can receive by playing and representing Hertfordshire in the Middleton Cup and Balcomb Trophy Matches (Men), Johns Trophy and Walker Cup (Ladies). The Middleton Cup and Johns Trophy are National competitions and players can come up against World Champions, England Internationals and National Champions. Only the top 24 players in the whole of Hertfordshire will be selected so it's real top honour to be chosen. Even bigger are the Balcomb Trophy and Walker Cup. Again, a National Competition against the best players in the Country, but only the top 8 players will be chosen to represent Hertfordshire.

At Buntingford Bowls Club we have members playing at all of those levels mentioned above - and thats what makes our club special.

With Buntingford Bowls Clubs values being: 'A Club for all Ages, Abilities and Aspirations' - You can play bowls at what ever level that suits you. All that we ask is that you understand the different levels of the game and what can be achieved if you want to push yourself to the next level......

Annual Subscriptions 2018

The club are proud to announce that these prices have not changed since 2010

Full Member 80.00
(Over 18 years of age)
Concession Rate
(65 years of age and over)
Junior 15.00
(17 years of age and under)
Associate Member* 15.00
* Membership allows the Associate Member to be a member of the club, but is a non-playing member with no voting rights.

Buntingford Bowls Club is one of the best clubs for value for money and the hospitality Buntingford provide is renowned throughout Hertfordshire.

If you are interested in joining this great club of ours - please contact us via the email address, or just pop down the club. We will always be happy to hear from you.....

Buntingford Bowls club is open everyday and every evening for all of its members from the middle of April until the start of October. During the close season the club is open most evenings with a number of events and activities taking place in the clubhouse.

Weekend & Mid-Week Friendlies
All Friendly fixtures are displayed in the clubhouse. To nominate for a match simply write you name against the fixture card you wish to play. The Captain will then select the team from the nominated names. This will generally be done on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the weekend game, and a few days before the mid-week matches. 
Competitive side
Buntingford Bowls Club enter all National, Hertfordshire Bowls, East Herts Bowls Association, East Herts Women's District Bowls Association, and East Herts Bowls League competitions. 
The club also run 11 Internal Competitions for it's members.

Inter-Club Competitions

For 'Inter Club Competitions' the Team Manager will select a squad and write the players names against that fixture. It is then up to the players nominated to make themselves available by placing a tick or cross next to their names. The Team Manager will then pick the team from the players that have made themselves available:

National Top Club
National Two Fours
HB County Top Team
HB County Club Championship
HB County League
EHDWBA Anniversary Cup
EHBA Lyndhurst Trophy
EHBA Thurgood Cup
EHBL Ranson Cup
Monday Evening League
Friday Afternoon League

Club Competitions 

Club Championship Singles (first to 21 shots)
Handicap Singles
(Range +5 to -5, with 21 shots rated as a handicap of 0)
Club Four Wood Pairs
Club Two Wood Pairs
ub Mixed Pairs
Boniwell Singles
(Over 65 years old) 
Junior Singles (Under 18 years old)

Fixed Jack Singles
Two Wood Singles Plate
(First round losers in Club Singles are entered)

Williams Singles (For those that have not won a singles Championship)
New Members Trophy (only for first year members)      
Bowls England Competitions
National Inter County Competitions
To qualify to represent Hertfordshire Bowls at County level a player must achieve a minimum of 8 Ranking points over a 5 year period. Ranking points will accumulate from performances in the HB County Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and other qualifying competitions. (Please see the HB County Handbook for full terms and conditions)
Hertfordshire play Inter Counties matches in the following games:
County Friendlies (6 Rink matches against other Counties Nationally) 
Eastern County League
(6 Rink League matches against Counties in the Eastern Area)
Middleton Cup
(Men Only. National 6 Rink Matches in Group Stages)
Johns Trophy
(Ladies Only. National 6 Rink knockout competition)
Balcomb Trophy (Men Only. National Two Rink knockout competition)
Walker Cup (Ladies Only. National Two Rink knockout competition)
White Rose Trophy
(Under 25 years of age. Men Only. National Two Fours Double Rink)
Amy Rose (Under 25 Years of age. Ladies Only. National Two Fours Double Rink) 
(Any individual that has reached the qualifying ranking points standard can nominate for any of those matches listed above)

The Middleton Cup and John's Trophy run a squad of up to 30 players, and the players selected are considered to be top players in Hertfordshire.

The Balcomb Trophy and Walker Cup, also known as the Top Two Fours, run a squad of up to 10 players, and the players selected are considered to be the top players in Hertfordshire.

The Eastern Counties League matches for Men are considered to be 'Trials' for players wishing to make the Middleton Cup Squad.

National Individual Competitions
Champion of Champions (Players will be entered only if they have won their Club Singles Championship the previous season, or the County Singles, or County Under 25 Junior Singles)
55 and Overs Singles (First to 21 shots. Players aged over 55 to enter)
55 and Overs Pairs (21 Ends. Players must be aged over 55 to enter)
Mixed Pairs (21 Ends. 1 Male and 1 Female player)
Mixed Fours (21 Ends. 2 Male and 2 Female players)
Family Pairs (Players must be related to be eligible)

NB// - For the 55 and Overs Pairs, the Mixed Pairs and the Mixed Fours and the Family Pairs competition - the players do not all need to be from the same club.
Club National 'Team' Competitions
Club Two Fours (This is a 2 rink knockout competition)
Top Club (2 Wood Singles, 4 Wood Singles, 4 Wood Pairs, Triples & Fours comp)
Club Mixed 'Over 60's' Double Rink
(This is a 2 rink Mixed knockout competition. Players must be over the age of 60 to qualify)

Hertfordshire Bowls Competitions 

HB Singles (first to 21 shots)
HB Pairs (4 Wood Pairs, 21 Ends)
HB Triples (18 Ends)
HB Fours (21 Ends)
HB County Juniors (First to 21 shots. Player must be under the age of 25)
HB Two Wood Singles (2 Woods played over 21 ends)

The Finalists in all of the above competitions qualify to represent Hertfordshire Bowls, and their Club in the Bowls England National Championships at Leamington Spa. 
The National Championships are held during August and run into the first week of September.

HB County Under 30 Singles (First to 21 Shots. Must be under 30 years old) 
HB Officers Singles (First to 21 shots. Must be an Official of a club to enter)
HB Unbadged Singles (First to 21 shots. Must not have won a County Badge)
Club HB 'Team' Competitions
HB Club Championship (Men Only. This is a 3 Rink competition)
HB Top Team (Men Only. This is a Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours competition) 
HB Club League ('HB County League'. 2 Rinks Men. 1 Rink Ladies)

HB Area League (This is an 6 rink competition with the Four Areas of Hertfordshire playing each other on a League basis. Players can nominate for their respective areas and a team will be selected. Buntingford play in the East Area)
EHBA & EHWDBA Competitions

Champion of Champions (Player will be entered only if they have won their respective Club Singles Championship the previous season)
(First to 21 shots)
3 Wood Singles
(Ladies Only. First to 21 shots)
Millennium Singles
(Ladies Only. Four Wood Singles. First to 21 shots. Players are only eligible if they have not previously won a EHWDBA Competition)
Four Wood Pairs
(21 Ends)
Two Wood Pairs (21 Ends)
Mixed Pairs (21 Ends. 1 Male and 1 Female player)
Triples (18 Ends)
Fours (21 Ends)
Officers Singles (First to 21 shots. Must be an Official at a club to enter)
Club EHBA/EHWDBA 'Team' Competitions
Thurgood Cup (Men Only. This is a 2 Rink Knockout Competition)
Lyndhurst Trophy (Men Only. This is a 2 Triples Competition with 1 triple at the home venue and 1 Triple at the away venue)
Anniversary Cup (Ladies Only - Singles, Pairs & Triples knockout competition)

East Herts Bowls League
Singles (Men Only. First to 21 shots)
Pairs (Men Only. 21 ends)
Triples (Men Only. 18 ends)
Fours (Men Only. 21 ends) 
Secretaries Cup (Men Only. Singles competitions for Club Secretary's only)
Mixed Pairs
(1 female and 1 male player) 
EHBL Club 'Team' Competitions
Bowls League Matches (Men Only. Two Triples played on a Divisional Basis)
Ranson Cup (Men Only. This is a 2 Rink knockout competition)

Ladies Monday Evening League
Club 'Team' Competition
Monday Evening League (Ladies Only. 1 Rink played on a League basis)
Buntingford Bowls Club Policies

A number of rules and regulations are published are are easily available. Some of the Policies include:
Data Protection Policy
Finacial Policy
Management Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Complaints Procedure

Although these are not published on our Website, if you wish to receive a copy of any of our Rules, Regulations and Polices then please do not hesitate to contact us on the club email address: admin@buntingfordbowlsclub.co.uk
or visit the Buntingford Clubhouse where they are readily available.

And there's always time for a bit of fun......

The Sport of Bowls has its very own language which may totally mystify anyone who hears it. Here are a few terms translated into 'standard' English:

"Good weight!" = Lousy line

"Good line" = Lousy weight

"Good back bowl" = You were lucky you didn't put it in the ditch

"That's in their way" = That's actually in my way

"That could be useful up there" = That bowl is closer to you than it is to the jack

"It's ok, you'll get it next time" = Because you were miles away this time

"He's surprisingly good" = You're surprised he ever gets close

"I'd bowl with him any day" = He always buys the first round......



A Bowls Poem

My Husband took up Bowls
and he bragged upon the phone
about someone called Kitty
whom he couldn't leave alone

He played with Kitty
He stayed with Kitty
He picked up Kitty
He missed Kitty
He kissed Kitty
and even laid beside Kitty

So I took up bowls
to win my Hubby back
I found out that the things he could do with Kitty
I could do with Jack!

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