The History of Buntingford Bowls Club
(last updated April 2019)

Buntingford Bowls Club is known as one of Hertfordshire's finest Bowls Clubs. The club offers excellent hospitality, has a very friendly and sociable membership, and of course Buntingford Bowls Club is well known for being a fiercely competitive club with lots of success over the years across Hertfordshire and National Competitions.....

But let's take you back to where it all began nearly 100 years ago...

Bowls in the small Town of Buntingford was first played in 1914 when
Mr James Boniwell started the game with a few of his close friends. The venue was a lawn Tennis ground just off Bowling Green Lane in Buntingford. There is a Cul-de-Sac called Bowlers Mead and the very first house is aptly named 'Greenkeepers Cottage'. This Cottage still exists to this day and it is believed this is where the first woods were rolled towards the Jack.......

In 1919 two rinks were then formed in the grounds of Layston Cottage, River Green in Buntingford. This is where Buntingford Bowls Club began to start to take its earliest form as a club. It wasn't until 3 years later when the club really began to take off and it was then decided that the club would formerly adopt 1922 as our Founder year.

After spending just over 3 years at the River Green address, land was purchased just over five hundred yards away in Wyddial Road for a mere 50 and in 1926 Buntingford Bowls Club moved home. The green was then laid down by a few of the existing members. Rumour has it that there was a car buried under the middle of the green somewhere, but sadly no one can confirm if those rumours are in fact true or not.
         1926_The_new_Bowls_Club_site          1926_The_New_Clubhouse

Our former home in River Green reverted back to a residential address and years later Jack and Eileen Platt, two of our former long serving members moved in where they lived until the early 21st Century. 

In the early years of Buntingford Bowls Club, the Clubhouse 
resembled something like a garden shed, but over the
next 50 years or so a number of improvements were made. This was to allow the members to make refreshments. However, if you had too many refreshments there were no toilets, but just a corrugated 'tin trap' in the open-air for the gentlemen.

In 1947 Buntingford were then formally elected to the affiliated organisation of the Hertfordshire Bowls Association.

               Hertfordshire_Bowls_Association_Badge               Hertfordshire_Bowls
33 years into our Club's history and a separate Ladies section was formed and founded in 1955. Lillian Owen-Smith was our first Ladies Club Champion and Lillian went onto win it for the next 3 years. It does seem strange nowadays that there was a separate Men's and Ladies section, but that was the case until the early 90's where of course a vote was held to incorporate the whole membership into 'one club' - and rightly so.
Lillian_Owen-Smith         1970_Buntingford_Ladies

Buntingford Bowls Club is a fully integrated Mixed Bowling Club now and has members ranging in age from the very young to the young at heart..... (It would be impolite to reveal a lady's age, but the youngest bowler we've had on the green this season is just 7 years - and one of the gents has just turned 93 years old!)

In 1974 a number of improvements were made to the Clubhouse with proper toilets being constructed, together with a facility where the Ladies then had a comfortable changing room to use. The Gents still continued to use the wooden shed 'out back' to change, and you had to always make sure to kick the changing room door before you entered - and then wait 30 seconds. This wasn't to make sure that everyone was decently dressed, but to give enough time for the furry creatures and the local wildlife to disappear.........

Over the next 20 years saw more improvements made to the Clubhouse including the building of a kitchen, an extension to the bar cellar, and also a porta-kabin was bought in and placed in the grounds adjacent to the clubhouse. This was then used as the Gents changing room for a number of years until 1997.

With the improved Clubhouse facilities Buntingford Bowls Club were able to put a dartboard up in the Clubhouse and then they entered a Darts team where they competed against other Pubs and Social Clubs from the local and surrounding areas. Buntingford increased to two Darts teams soon after which meant the clubhouse was regularly used throughout the winter months. Darts bought the club some success with a number of trophies and Championships being fought for.

A few years later a Pool table was bought in and again Buntingford Bowls Club put together a team. They had some successful seasons against Pubs and Social Clubs from the local area.

With Pool and Darts ensuring the Clubhouse was regularly used, our revenue increased and every visiting team enjoyed coming to Buntingford Bowls Club as the prices behind our bar were much more favourable that at their own venues.....

Keeping the Bowls Green to a reasonable standard is always going to be a challenge, especially when the 'green' was laid nearly a hundred years ago. A number of members over the years volunteered to take on the role as 'Greenkeeper' and did their level best to maintain and cut the green.
Robo and Les Jackson are just two of those members that devoted a number of years to the club.
In 1982 and 1992 it wasn't possible for the green to be at its very best and this meant that in those seasons they were bought to an early close as the green had to be shut to allow time for the grass to recover ready for the following season.

The clubs greatest player in the 60's, 70's and early 80's was Tom Gray. Tom sadly passed away in the early nineties and as a fitting tribute him, his ashes were scattered on Rink 1 after a memorial service. Any greenkeeper will now tell you that ashes and the grass of a Bowls green don't really go hand in hand. The 'ashes' affected the growth of the grass considerably, and this proved a challenge of a different kind for our greenkeepers to get the green ready for the following season. Tom had certainly left his mark on the club.

Nowadays, Buntingford Bowls Club pay contractors to do the Greenkeeper work and this has taken much of the burden off the members. However, there are still a number of members that regularly contribute in cutting and maintaning the green. Phil Geere in his role as Facilities Manager has been overseeing this for a number of years and regularly liaises with our contractors.
Over the years the green has improved, and in the most recent years it is clear for everyone to see that the green has improved significantly.

  Phill_Geere  FB_IMG_1475698095889  FB_IMG_1475698107974

Buntingford Bowls Club have been hosting high profile County matches for the last few years and this is a testament to the success of those members that play at the highest level that initially put the Buntingford Bowls Club on the map, and to those players that regularly reach the latter stages of the East Herts and Hertfordshire County competitions.
Of course on from there, thanks go to the hard work of the many that work on the green, the green surroundings, and for the many members that provide the excellent hospitality - which is second to none. All of this adds up to give Buntingford Bowls Club a very high profile within the County of Hertfordshire.

In the mid 1990's upgrades were made to the green with the ditches being rebuilt and the green 'lifted' along each side. This was at a significant cost, however it was money well spent and improved the quality of the playing surface and surrounds.

In 1998, and with help and thanks from donations from some of the Club members at that time, and with the help of a substantial National Lottery grant, Buntingford Bowls Club were able to upgrade their facilities and build a completely new Clubhouse - and what a building we have now. Buntingford Bowls Club can now boast that they have a magnificent Clubhouse facility that ranks alongside some of the best in the Country. Thanks and gratitude go to Jack Platt who oversaw the building project. The new Clubhouse was officially opened by the Bowls England President at that time.
Please visit the 'New Premises 1998' gallery to see photograph's of the reconstruction of the Clubhouse.

The new facilities allow social functions to be conducted in more comfortable surroundings and the Clubhouse can comfortably seat up to 60 guests. The Bowls club has a well stocked bar, ample sized cloak rooms with disabled facilities, and a large fully fitted kitchen. In 2017 the Buntingford Bowls Club Kitchen secured another '5 Star' hygeine rating again.

  The_Club_Kitchen   The_22nd_End......
Buntingford Bowls Club is easily accessible and is a great venue for your meetings, presentations, private parties, birthdays and many, many other celebrations.

If you wish to book the Clubhouse for any Social event then please contact the club through the email address:

The first thing you will notice nowadays about our green is the wonderful topiary that surrounds it. Stan Keen took on the task at the turn of the 21st century and continues to maintain it to this day. Of course he doesn't do it alone now and thanks go to the many members that invest a huge amount of time with the upkeep. These are effectively known as the 'Wednesday Workers'.
            Green_Side_Image          Green_Side_Image_2  

2017 and 2018 saw improvements to the green surrounds as additional paving was laid to allow more members to watch from each side of the green. Thanks go to those members that gave up their time for our club.

Our Club Badge has a story behind it and the original design featured a shield with a cross on one side, and a picture of a Water Pump on the other side. Seth Ward was a founder of Buntingford back in the 17th Century and the cross represents Seth as he was the Bishop of Salisbury. The Victorian Water Pump erected on Market Hill ouside of the 'Arms Houses' also links to Seth Ward.
In 1972 the badge was redesigned to the way it looks today to celebrate the Club's 50th Jublilee Anniversary. A banner was added showing the date 1922-1972. In our 60th Anniversary year in 1982 the date banner was amended, and it was amended again in 2012 to celebrate our 90th year. In 2022 it is expected to change again with a completely new design to celebrate our Centenary year.

  Buntingford_Badge   Badge_of_Buntingford   Original_Buntingford_Club_Badge   Buntingford_Bowls_Club_Badge       
Our huge Honours Board that stretches across one side of the Clubhouse was constructed primarily by former member Geoff Green. We thank him and others that supported him in this.

Buntingford Bowls Club moved into the 'technological' age with the creation of a website in 2007. Eddie Plume set up this up to help increase the profile and brand of the club. He handed the reigns over to his son Mark the following year who invests hours and hours of his time regularly updating it. The website is now packed with so much news and information that it is the envy of many clubs.
The website has a Past Members and a Current Members section and each member known over the years has their very own profile detailing their achievements at Buntingford Bowls Club. Where possible individual profile photographs have also been uploaded.
Eddie_Plume  Fasthosts  Mark_Plume

Buntingford is very proud of its history. A list of honours, and a number of records, stats and facts and hundreds of photograph's fill the website - and it just keeps growing and growing.

This is the record of the full membership (known) of Buntingford Bowls Club as at 8th December 2018:

 - 88  Current Playing Members
        (Includes 3 Life Members)

 -   1   Associate Member

 - 436 Past Members (300 Men and 136 Ladies)
        (Includes 7 Life Members)

We now know of 525 people that have joined Buntingford Bowls club since our Founded year of 1922. 
Exact records weren't kept in the early years so there may be 1 or 2 missing. If you know of anybody missing from the list, please contact me on the email address:

Our Life Members in alphabetical order by first name are:
Dave Jack, Eddie Plume, Eileen Stean, John Hicks, John Powell, June Renney, Mary Lankester, Mary Smith, Richard Potter and Rosemary Webber.

History on the field of play

Bowls England National Competitions:

I'm sure the ultimate aim for every club bowler that enters a competition is to qualify and compete at the Bowls England National Championships. This is no easy task as each player will have to battle through 7 or 8 rounds to reach a 'Major' County Final, that will then ensure qualification to the prestigious event. All 'Major' County finalists from the Counties across the Country qualify and you could say it's the 'best of the best' that make it through.
Qualifying means you will enter the National Championships at the round of Last 64 stage, (if going straight into the 1st Round), or for some there is also the added challenge of a Preliminary round to get through first.
There are also a few National Competitions that will also have the prize of qualifying through to the National Championships, but again battling through 7 or 8 rounds to get there is no mean feat.

The history tells us that Buntingford's focus on competitions was not centered around qualification for the National Championships via the County Competitions as the club tended to focus more on East Herts competitions. This meant that during the 20th Century Buntingford as a club did not have any players representing Hertfordshire at the Bowls England National Championships - but that was all to change once the 21st Century got underway......

The first few years into the 21st Century promised much with a first County Singles Semi Final appearance for the club. Then followed a couple of Quarter Final appearances in the County Pairs, and then a Quarter Final appearance in the County Fours. We were close, but yet we just couldn't make the final step -
 however this was evidence that Buntingford Bowls Club were getting closer and closer to qualification to the Bowls England National Championships and surely it was only a matter of time before they did..............

And then came a huge breakthrough......

Mark Plume, John Powell and Scott Wake had reached the County Triples Final in 2007 and Buntingford Bowls Club were then there competing with the very 'best of the best' at the Bowls England National Championships for the very first time - and what a momentous occasion it was! A 1st round match (Last 64 Nationally) against the Wiltshire Champions saw the 'Bunty Boys' win and reach the Last 32 in England. The next round didn't see the lads progress but this started it all for Buntingford and a new era began as everyone now had a taste for what 'real competition bowls' was all about. Qualification for the Bowls England National Championships was going to be the main aim for everyone from now on - and it certainly was.
2007_County_Triples_Champions     Bowls_England_Badge_2007

The following year in 2008 and qualification for the Bowls England National Championships came again. This time via the County Fours for Carl Frostick, John Powell, Mark Plume & Scott Wake. Unfortunately for John Powell, ill health meant he couldn't compete, but Roger Evans was able to come in and take his place. The 'Bunty Boys' beat a Nottinghamshire Four in the 1st Round (Last 64 Nationally) and then fell just 4 shots short in the next round. However, another massive achievement for Buntingford Bowls Club to be competing on a National stage.
2008_National_Fours      Bowls_England_Badge_2008

Buntingford Bowls Club then had to wait until 2013 for their next appearance at the National Championships as Carl Frostick competed in the National Mixed Fours. The rest of his four were made up of 2 Royston members (including Matt Coppen who began his bowls career at Buntingford) and 1 from Welwyn Garden City. Winning a number of early qualifying rounds meant they started the National Championships in the round of the Last 16 and faced a rink containing two of the top players in the world - Nicky Brett and Ellen Faulkner. It was a great experience and after a close game they bowed out to the eventual winners.
Carl_Frostick_BE_Badge                  Bowls_England_Logo

2014 now and Buntingford were back again at the Bowls England National Championships after Bryan Davies, Ken Mulqueen, Peter Agnew & John Powell reached the final of the County Fours. A massive achievement for the lads as John Powell became the first player from Buntingford Bowls Club to reach 3 National Championships. Playing Cumbria in the 1st Round (Last 64 Nationally), they had former World Champion Andy Thompson playing on the rink next to them on one side, and the World number 4 Robert Paxton taking on the World number 11 Nicky Brett on the rink to the other side of them. The Bunty Boys pushed their Cumbrian opponents close but couldn't quite make it through their first game, but what a truely great experience for Buntingford Four and one they will never ever forget.  DSC01094

2015 and Buntingford were back again at the National Championships and produced one of the greatest performances by anyone from the County of Hertfordshire as Carl Frostick, Scott Wake & Mark Plume reached the National Triples Semi-Finals. A thumping win over Durham in the 1st round, a 3 shot win over Oxfordshire in the 2nd round saw them into day two. A big win in their Last 16 game against Lancashire and a 2 shot victory in their Quarter Final match against Sussex took them into day 3 and the National Semi Finals. The Bunty Boys led their Semi Final match early on against Huntingdonshire to have 1 foot in the National Final, only to be pegged back as the game progressed. The last end saw Buntingford holding the shots required to take the game into the extra end, only for their opponents skip to play up a short bowl into the head and the Buntingford Boys bowed out. It was a emotional rollercoaster the whole way through the tournament for the supporters and players, and such a magnificent achievement that everyone should be truly proud of.
     M_Plume,_S_Wake,_C_Frostick_National_Champs_2015          National_Semi_Finalists_Badge_2015

2016 and 4 years in a row for Buntingford, and Mark Plume was back at the Bowls England National Championships for a record breaking fourth time. On this occasion it was with partner Peter Agnew in the National Pairs competition after they had won the Hertfordshire County Pairs Title. Peter was competing at the National Championships for the second time. Peter & Mark had won the EHBA Pairs the previous year and were on a remarkable run of going 17 matches unbeaten as a partnership. At the National Chanpionships there was a comfortable 1st round win against Somerset, and then they faced a tough pair from Gloucestershire in the second round. This was a close encounter, but unfortunately the Bunty Boys could not overcome their oppponents and bowed out in the round of Last 32. Another great effort though.

2018 and Carl Frostick, Scott Wake & Mark Plume were back again competing in the Bowls England National Triples Championships. After beating a Triples team containing National Champions in the first round, they went out on the last end against a Triples Team containing more England Internationals. Reaching the last 32 is still a massive achievement for the players.
2018_National_Triples           2._BE_Badge

7 Buntingford players have qualified for the Bowls England National Championships over the years, (with 8 actually playing) and they rightly add their names to the great history of our club. A massive well done and congratulations to Bryan Davies, Carl Frostick, John Powell, Ken Mulqueen, Mark Plume, Peter Agnew, Roger Evans and Scott Wake.

                   AND THEN 'WOW'........
That is the only word that can be used to describe what is the greatest achievement ever in the history of Buntingford Bowls Club!
 'Bowls England National Club Two Fours Runners Up 2018'

The full story can be read amongst the Latest News pages and with 847 entries from across the country entering at the start of the competition, Buntingford's Men had reached the Bowls England National Club Two Fours Final. Yes - The National Final!
Winning 7 earlier rounds took the club to Leamington Spa and a place in the National Quarter Finals where they faced Bristol Bowls Club. An expectant crowd gathered and saw the Bunty Boys pick up 7 shots on the last two ends across the two rinks to take the club into the Semi Finals to face Workington Bowls Club from Cumbria.
An excellent contest in front of a huge crowd saw a nail-biting finish that was decided on the last end, and saw the club win by 6 shots and take their place in the National Final. Yes the National Final!
The Final started well and Buntingford led early on, but they could not contain their opponents from Gerrard's Cross, Buckinghamshire and Buntingford Bowls Club finished as National Runners Up.
There were a few tears and hugs after the Final and rightly so. This truly was the biggest acheivement ever by Buntingford Bowls Club.
The team was that played in the National Final were:

Ross Murphy, Tony Keeling, Dave Murphy, Garry Warrender,
Peter Warren, Vic Greenberg, Scott Wake & Mark Plume.

Reserves: Roger Evans & Bryan Davies.
Players that played in previous rounds Greg Amos & Carl Frostick.

  2018_National_Two_Fours_Runners_Up   Badge

This is the full list of Buntingford Bowls Club players that have qualified and played at the Bowls England National Championships:
6 - Mark Plume
5 - Scott Wake
4 - Carl Frostick
3 - John Powell
2 - Peter Agnew
1 - Bryan Davies, Dave Murphy, Garry Warrender, Ken Mulqueen, Peter Warren, Roger Evans, Ross Murphy, Tony Keeling & Vic Greenberg.

Buntingford Members have also come close to qualification aswell where they fell just 1 game short of reaching the National Finals:

9 - Mark Plume:
*Middleton Cup Quarter Finals - 1996, 1997, 1998, 2017
*Balcomb Trophy Quarter Finals - 2006, 2016
*National Champion of Champions Last 32 - 2014
*HB County Singles Semi Finals - 2004, 2017

3 - Carl Frostick:
*Middleton Cup Quarter Finals - 2017
*National Mixed Fours - 2016
*HB County Singles - 2013 

1 - Scott Wake
*Balcomb Trophy 2006
1 - Garry Warrender
*HB County Pairs Semi Finals 2017
1 - Ross Murphy
*HB County Pairs Semi Finals 2017

And who knows what the future may hold for Buntingford Bowls Club and its members over the coming years........

International Honours:

Ross Murphy & Mark Plume took to the stage representing Bowls England in World Invitation Events in Hong Kong & China.This is the first time ever that two Buntingford Bowls Club Players pulled on a Bowls England shirt to represent Team England. And 'WOW'!
 - The Hong Kong World Invitational Event was played across Indoor Greens and Outdoor Greens. 21 Countires were taking part and Ross and his rink were 'England 'A', and Mark and his rink were England 'B'. 6 group games were played with only the best 4 teams across all of the groups qualifying for the Semi Finals - and a GOLD MEDAL FOR ROSS MUPRHY, and a BRONZE MEDAL FOR MARK PLUME.
- Onto China for the 'China Open' and both teams qualified for the knockout stages again and a
GOLD MEDAL FOR MARK PLUME, and a SILVER MEDAL FOR ROSS MURPHY. What a truly awesome experience for both players.


A former Member who began his career at Buntingford Bowls club has gone on to win International honours.
Matthew Coppen joined the club at just 10 years old in 1999 when he took up the sport with his Grandad Roger Saxon. Matthew moved away in 2003 but has since gone on to win the Bowls England National Under 25 Singles, the British Isles Under 25 Singles, the Bowls England National Champion of Champions, and he has many Junior International Caps to his name - and it all started at Buntingford Bowls Club.

                            Matt_Coppen                Roger_Saxon_1

Scott Wake and Mark Plume were nominated for an England Senior International trial in 2003, but on that occasion didn't make it though to the trial squad.
Mark Plume was also nominated for an England International Trial in 2017 & again in 2018 but didn't make the trial squads on those occasion either.

           Representing Hertfordshire:
                       Middleton Cup

For any Club Bowler to represent your Club in Competition matches is somewhat of an achievement, to represent your County is a different matter altogether. There are County Friendly matches where the standard is just that 'Friendly'. The next step up is representing your County in the Eastern Counties League where the standard is high and competitive. Your aim from there is to be picked in the Hertfordshire Middleton Cup Squad. This is where the top 24 players are picked to play in a National Competition against the best players from other Counties. And from there, and only if you are considered to be one of the top 8 Bowlers in the County, you will have the honour of representing your County in the Balcomb Trophy. This is a National Competition against other Counties best players. The Middleton Cup and Balcomb Trophy games often see players competing against England Internationals and National Champions - where there are no easy games...... 

Buntingford were always just known as that 'Small Club from the East'. The club didn't have a Hertfordshire County profile and very little was known about Buntingford Bowls Club from outside of the East Area. In the mid 90's Mark Plume helped change all of that.....

Not only did
Mark Plume win the clubs very first Hertfordshire County Trophy in 1995, but in 1996 Mark became Buntingford's very first player to be selected in the Hertfordshire Middleton Cup Squad.
With over 8000 bowlers playing across Hertfordshire at that time, never before in Buntingford's 74 year history had a player been selected as one of the top 24 players in the County. To be considered as one of the best was truly an exceptional honour - and the club should be very proud of Mark's achievement.

Mark Plume was Buntingford's sole representative for the next 5 years and during that time Buntingford had started to become more noticed on a County stage in Hertfordshire.

 MC_v_Beds_1   Hertfordshire_Middleton_Cup_Squad_2017
And then we had to wait until 2001 when Buntingford's Wayne O'Flanagan joined the history books when he was picked to play in the Middleton Cup in his only participating year.
      Wayne_O        HBA_Middleton_Cup_Squad_2011
Mark Plume returned to the Middleton Cup squad in 2002 after a 2 year break, and was then joined by debutant Scott Wake.
Both Mark and Scott remained in the Middleton Cup team for the next 12 years representing Hertfordshire and Buntingford Bowls Club across England until 2014, when both Mark & Scott decided to take some well earned time out and take a break from the County scene.

Carl Frostick made it 4 players in total from Buntingford Bowls Club when he was selected in the Middleton Cup in 2013. Carl still remains an important player and to this day is still part of the Hertfordshire Middleton Cup Team and rated as one of the top 24 players in Hertfordshire.

After 2 years away Mark Plume was persuaded by the County Selectors to return to the Middleton Cup Squad in 2016 and together with Carl Frostick, and newcomer Peter Agnew, created even more history for Buntingford Bowls Club by all being selected in the same team together. And in 2016 Mark Plume playing as 'Skip' bowled the winning wood with the very last bowl to win the match for Hertfordshire and beat the current World Champion and World ranked number one player Nick Brett in their game against Huntingdonshire.
Garry Warrender joined Buntingford Bowls Club in 2017 and along with Peter Agnew, Carl Frostick and Mark Plume they were selected in the Middleton Cup, and it was the first time in the clubs history that 4 Buntingford players have all been selected to play in the same team. A truly exceptional honour for Buntingford Bowls Club.
Roger Evans in 2011 & 2012, and John Powell in 1997 both had Middleton Cup Trials and both were unlucky not to be selected. 
                92833316                John_Powell_profile

So that's 6 players in total from Buntingford Bowls Club that have played at the highest level for Hertfordshire in the Middleton Cup and who knows how many more will feature in the coming years....

In 2018 a record 7 players from Buntingford were invited to the Middleton Cup Trial - a first for the club.The players were Mark Plume, Carl Frostick, Garry Warrender and newcomers 
Ross Murphy, Peter Warren, Vic Greenberg and Dave Murphy.

     Ross_Murphy_profile       Peter_Warren       Vic_Greenberg_ECL_Match_12th_August      Dave_Murphy

                   Balcomb Trophy
The Balcomb Trophy team consisting of the Top 8 players nowadays is very difficult to break into. This is especially so as back in 2003 it was just a Top Four competition. However, Scott Wake and Mark Plume did just that and represented Buntingford Bowls Club and Hertfordshire at the highest level. Both Scott and Mark were part of the Top Four team for the next 4 years, and were then selected again when the Balcomb Trophy changed to the Top 8 in 2007.
Being part of the Balcomb teams saw them never fail to reach the Regional Finals (Last 16 Nationally), and on one occasion they reached the National Quarter Finals where unfortunately they just fell just short of reaching the Bowls England National Semi Finals.
In 2016 Mark Plume was picked again to play in the Balcomb Trophy and again reached the National Quarter Finals. This time Hertfordshire unfortunately fell short again. 2017 and Mark Plume was selected again and this time as Skip. After winning his first game against World Number 3 Mark Royal, the Hertfordshire team bowed out at the Regional Finals stage. 2018 again for Mark Plume but on the day it didn't go quite so well and Hertfordshire lost in the 1st Round.

     Middleton Cup & Balcomb Summary:
In the Middleton Cup and Balcomb Trophy matches time the 'Bunty Boys' played against some significant figures in World Bowls:
They faced the 2006 World champion Mervyn King no less than 5 times - winning 3 of those matches. Mark has played against the 2017 World Champion Nicky Brett. Both Mark and Scott have met World number three Mark Royal on 2 occasions, winning both games. They've also faced World Number 14 Jamie Chetsney and England International Captain John Rednall. They've come up against a number of England National Champions, National Finalists and England Internationals with a great deal of success over the years - and there are hopefully many more years to come.

                County Under 30's Team:
The Eastern Counties Under 30 League pits seven Counties together from the East of England competing on a League basis with players from each County under the age of 30. This competition tests players against the best from other Counties and provides a stepping stone for younger players to make the jump into the Senior Hertfordshire Teams, and ultimately the Middleton Cup.
In 1990
Mark Plume made his debut for the Hertfordshire County Under 30's team in the Eastern Counties League and became the first ever player from Buntingford Bowls Club to play at that level. Scott Wake and Andy Iles made their first appearances for the Hertfordshire County Under 30 Team in 1995, and when Wayne O'Flanagan joined Buntingford Bowls Club in 1998 he was already an established player at that level. Andy, Scott and Mark were selected together on the same rink from 1999 to 2001, and their record showed an impressive 17 wins in 18 matches - which really is exceptional at that level.
Carl Frostick joined Buntingford in 2008 and shortly after he represented Hertfordshire at County Under 30 level and continued to do so for the next 6 years.

There have been no more representatives from Buntingford Bowls Club at that level since 2013 - but there's still time......

   Hertfordshire Individual Competitions:
Mark Plume won the club's very first individual County Honour when he became Hertfordshire County Under 30 Singles Champion in 1995. Mark won the trophy 4 times in total with further successes coming in 1996, 1997 and 2001 - and today this still remains as a Hertfordshire County record in this competition for most number of Championships won by any individual.
Scott Wake won the County Under 30 Singles in 2004, and Carl Frostick won the County Under 30 Championship in 2012.
There were also Final Appearances for Mark Plume (2000) and Scott Wake (2001) as both finished Runners Up.
Mark Plume reached 3 County Under 30 Singles Semi Finals in 1993, 1994 & 1999. Carl Frostick also reached 3 Semi Finals in the years 2010, 2011 & 2013. Scott Wake was a Semi Finalist in the year 2000, and
Andy iles reached the Semi Finals twice in the 1992 and again in 2001.
These massive achievements set by Mark Plume, Scott Wake, Andy iles and Carl Frostick make Buntingford Bowls Club the most successful club of all time in this competition.


The Hertfordshire County Triples won in 2007 by Mark Plume, John Powell and Scott Wake was a historic event with the first players from Buntingford to ever win a 'Major County Competition'. 
Mark Plume & Peter Agnew won the Hertfordshire County Pairs in 2016 - another historic first for Buntingford Bowls Club.

Carl Frostick, John Powell, Mark Plume and Scott Wake were Runners Up in the County Fours in 2008.

Bryan Davies, Ken Mulqueen, Peter Agnew and John Powell were Runners Up in the County Fours in 2014.

Carl Frostick, Scott Wake and Mark Plume were Runners up in the County Triples in 2015.

Carl Frostick, Scott Wake and Mark Plume were Runners up in the County Triples again in 2018.

All of the above players secured qualification for the Bowls England National Championships by reaching their respective finals.

In 2014 Peter Agnew made history when he became the first Buntingford Bowls Club player to win the Hertfordshire County Unbadged Singles Competition.

Mark Plume was Runner Up in the County Under 25 Singles in 1995 and this has been our only Buntingford finalist in this competition.

           Hertfordshire Team Competitions:

As a Club Buntingford didn't really focus on Hertfordshire County competitions until the mid-1990's when they first entered the County League competition. This competition is initially split into the 4 areas of Hertfordshire with the games in the East Area played on a League basis with 2 groups. The winner of each group then competes in the East Area League Cup Final, with the winners progressing and competing on behalf of the 'East Area' in the County League Semi Finals and Final.
Buntingford first entered this competition in 1995 and history was made as they won the East Area Cup in their very first year. The team that day was:
George Davison, Bert Cherrington, Eddie Plume, Mark Plume; Scott Wake, Dave Jack, John Powell and John Carter. That 1995 team wasn't able to go on and win the 'County League', but this was the start of some real success in the years to come.
Buntingford Bowls Club have won the East Area Cup a record 9 times in total: 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017 & 2018. The club have also been Runners up 3 times in 2004, 2013 & 2015.

Success in the Hertfordshire County League did come in 2005 as the club won their first ever Team County Trophy as they were crowned County League Champions.
The team was: 
Dave Menzies, Ken Mulqueen, Mark Plume, Scott Wake; John Stone, John Hicks, Eddie Plume & John Powell.
2005_County_League_Champions        2005_HBA_County_League_Champions
Success followed again in 2014 with Buntingford Bowls club being crowned Hertfordshire County League Champions for a second time. The team was: Roger Evans, Carl Frostick, Scott Wake, Mark Plume; Bryan Davies, Ken Mulqueen, Peter Agnew & John Powell.
And then in 2018 to wrap up Buntingford's most successful season in their history, the team won the County League for a third time.
The Team was:
Peter Warren, Vic Greenberg, Scott Wake, Mark Plume; Ross Murphy, Tony Keeling, Carl Frostick & Garry Warrender.

   Hertfordshire County Bowls - Summary:

There have been 26 Buntingford Bowls Club Members that have represented Hertfordshire at County level (23 Men, 3 Ladies). Mark Plume holds the record with 158 games played across Balcomb Trophy matches, Middleton Cup matches and Eastern Counties League matches, with just the 1 Friendly game. Scott Wake is second with 95 games played across Balcomb Trophy matches, Middleton Cup matches and Eastern Counties League matches, with just 4 Friendly matches. Stuart Robertson comes in third with 91 games (all Friendlies). Buntingford as a Club have been represented in a total of 601 Hertfordshire County Matches.

It is fair to say that from the mid-90's Buntingford Bowls Club had become a real force in competitive bowls throughout the County of Hertfordshire. A lot of thanks and gratitude should be owed to Mark Plume that made the initial breakthrough to put Buntingford Bowls Club on the Hertfordshire County map, and also thanks to Andy Iles, Scott Wake, John Powell and Wayne O'flanagan - because without those 5 players and their massive achievements representing Buntingford Bowls Club at Hertfordshire County level from 1990, Buntingford Bowls Club may still be known as that 'Small club from the East', without having that high County profile we have now, and of course without hosting those high profile matches we do nowadays.

Success at Hertfordshire County level is now ingrained into the club and since the mid 90's there have been a number of members that have continued on from that early success representing Buntingford Bowls Club at the highest level, and winning Hertfordshire County Competitions - and long may it continue.....

       Hertfordshire Bowls Presidents:
Buntingford Bowls Club member Stuart Robertson became the Hertfordshire County President in 1973 and this really is a great honour to hold this position. Records show no other Buntingford players represented Hertfordshire during the time Stuart was President.

East Herts Bowls Association Presidents:

Four Buntingford Bowls Club members have had the honour of becoming East Herts Bowls Association President: Stuart Robertson in 1970, Eddie Plume in 1994, Dick Hollington in the year 2001 and Tony Duffin took office in 2018.
       1994_Eddie_Plume_EHBA_President     Tony_Duffin_2018_EHBA_President

East Herts Bowls Association Competitions:

Buntingford Bowls Club's first Team success came in 1965 when the club won the Lyndhurst Trophy (a two Triples competition). It wasn't until 40 years later that the club won the same trophy again. The club has then continued to be successful in this competition from that winning year of 2005 with further victories.....
2005_Lyndhurst_Champions   2016_EHBA_Lyndhurst_Trophy_Champions

The Thurgood Cup (a Two Fours competition) was first won by Buntingford as late as 2014. And in 2016 Buntingford Bowls Club completed the unique and rare 'EHBA Club Double' after winning both the Lyndhurst Trophy and the Thurgood Cup in the same season.
Trophy_Haul_2014  2017_Trophy_Hall
   2014_Thurgood_Cup_Champions     2016_EHBA_Thurgood_Cup_Champions_2016
In 2017 the 'EHBA Club Double' was achieved again, and adding the East Area Cup to those 2 trophies ensured they held all 3 'East' trophies in the same season for the second year in their history. Only one other club has held all 3 trophies together - and Buntingford's Men have now done it twice!

Buntingford have enjoyed so much success in all of the Individual East Herts Bowls Association competitions. 40 different members have reached an EHBA competition final over the years, with 27 members winning an EHBA Championship.
Not all photogragh's are available from the archives but here are some of Buntingford Bowls Club winners over the years:
The Champion of Champions:
(Mark Plume holds the EHBA Record with 4 Titles, and 1 Runner Up)
     2014_EHBA_Champion_of_Champion                      2018_EHBA_Champion_of_Champions                                                                   Singles:
                                     Officers Singles:
                                     Two Wood Pairs:                                           
          2014_EHBA_Fours_Champions              2017_EHBA_Fours_Champions
The only competition the club hasn't won is the Mixed Pairs, but the club has come close when in 2016 Debbie Marks and John Powell reached the Final going down by just 1 shot on the very last end.

Buntingford's most successful year came in 2017 when across the 10 competitions the East Herts Bowls Association run, members from Buntingford Bowls Club had reached the final in 8 of those 10 competitions, with a semi final appearance in another.
2018 and Buntingford again reached 8 out of the 10 competitions and again had a semi final appearance in another, this time the club won 5 of the Finals.

East Herts District Women's 
Bowls Association Presidents:

Jenny Hawes became the very first member from Buntingford Bowls Club to be President of this Association when she took office in 2017.

East Herts District Women's
Bowls Association Competitions:

Dinah Geere is our history maker after winning the first and only external competition for Buntingford Bowls Club after being crowned EHDWBA Millennium Singles Cup Champion in 2016. This after being Runner up in the same competition 5 years earlier in 2011. Dinah's success remains as the club's one and only external honour.
Dinah_Geere_EHDWBA_Millennium_Singles_Champion_2016            2011_EHDWBA_Millennium_Singles_Runner_Up

The Buntingford Ladies did however make history by reaching their first ever Team Competition Final in 2011 when they were Runners Up in the Anniversary Cup. This is a 'Top Six' competition with a Singles, Pairs and Triples being played. The team that day was: Mary Smith, Jenny Hawes, Dinah Geere, Val Moules, Beat Stone and Rosemary Webber.
      Ladies_Top_6_Team       EHDWBA_Anniversary_Cup_Finalists_2011

Ladies Monday Evening League:

Buntingford's Ladies also play in the Monday Evening League. Although not affiliated to any Association or the EHDWBA, many of the clubs that play out of this area also play in the League. Buntingford's Ladies have been successful by winning the League Title no less than 6 times. A fantastic achievement and again who knows how many more titles the Buntingford Ladies could win....

East Herts Bowls League Competitions:

The East Herts Bowls League has been running for 100 years or so, and Buntingford's first success dates back to 1924 when they won the Fours Competition. The following year in 1925 they won the Pairs, and in 1926 & 1927 Buntingford Bowls Club were crowned League Division One Champions.
Mers Stean had success in the Secretaries Singles Cup in 1975 and again in 1976. Jeff Stean, son of Mers Stean won the Singles Championship in 1977, but as a club we have had no further individual success since then.
However, the club came very close in 2018 as they were Runners Up in the EHBL Fours, EHBL Pairs and the EHBL Mixed Pairs.

The Ranson Cup (a Two Fours Competition) was first won by Buntingford Bowls Club 2002. This is their one and only Championship title in this competition. The historic team on that day were:
Roger Saxon, Bert Cherrington, Scott Wake, Wayne O'Flanagan; George Davison, John Powell, Geoff Green and Mark Plume. The Club also had a further final appearance back in 2009.

The Bowls League proved popular amongst members and in 2012 to accomodate all of the players interested in playing, two teams were entered into the Bowls League - The
Buntingford Bears, and The Buntingford Bulls.
This proved a wise decision as in 2017 The Buntingford Bears won the EHBL Division Three Championship, and then in 2018 won promotion to the 1st Division after finishing Runners Up in Division Two.

Buntingford had come close to success before when they finished Runners up in Division Three back in 2008.

The Royal British Legion Competitions:

Although the Royal British Legion is not an affiliated Association, history was made by Eileen and Mers Stean in 1990 after they were crowned National Royal British Legion Mixed Pairs Champions. This really is a magnificent achievement.

Buntingford Bowls Club Competitions:

Internal Competition records date back to 1929 for the Men, and 1955 for the Ladies.

Only 14 Players in the Club's history have achieved the 'Club Grand Slam'. This is winning the Club Championship Singles, Club Handicap Singles, Club Four Wood Pairs and Club Two Wood Pairs. Ron Bown is the only player to win the 'Club Grand Slam' in the same season after winning all 4 competitions in 1983.
Only 4 other players have reached all four 'Club Grand Slam' finals in the same season: Mark Plume (2004), Rosemary Webber (2006), Debbie Marks (2014) and Scott Wake (2016).
Mark Plume leads the way having played in 62 Club Competition Finals winning 48 Titles. This includes winning the Men's Club Championship Singles a record 15 times. Rosemary Webber is the top Lady bowler in our clubs history having played in 54 Club Competition Finals winning 30 Titles. This includes winning the Ladies Club Championship Singles Titles a record 8 times.

                    Friendly Matches:
You could argue that the 'bread and butter' of any club are the Club Friendly Matches. An outdoor bowls season lasts around 22 weeks and over the years the club have played as many as 38 Weekend Friendly matches in a season. Nowadays, it's around 28 Weekend Friendly matches but over the last few years more mid-week friendly matches have made their way into the calendar. This gives more opportunity to get members playing on the green and of course making new friends.
As history has told us Buntingford as a club focused wholly on the friendly side of the game until the mid-90's when the competitive side really began to take off and members began to play for the Hertfordshire County Team.
Going back to the 
late 1980's and a rule was introduced to encourage members to play and focus on the 'friendly' side of our game and not in competitions. This rule change meant that if any club member wanted to play in any of the of the following season's competitions (across Club, District, County and National competitions), they were required to nominate for a minimum of 25% of the season's weekend games. At that time this equated to 10 weekend matches over the course of the season. John Carter, the Club Captain at that time put the case to the club and this was voted in.

That rule was amended in the year 1997 after Buntingford started to have players representing Hertfordshire and were becoming more successful as a club.
Wayne O'Flanagan, Mark Plume and Scott Wake put an amendment to the proposal forward to include that if you were representing Buntingford Bowls Club whilst playing in a County match for Hertfordshire at the weekend, then it should count towards the 25% qualification. This wasn't to de-value the importance of the Friendly matches, but the proposal put forward was to recognise the number of matches a small number of members were now playing during the course of the whole season.
Buntingford as a club were becoming more and more successful as a club, and with players now reaching the latter stages in external competitions and now representing Hertfordshire, trying to fit in all of the games required to enter the following seasons competitions was becoming harder and harder.
The supporting evidence was based on a total number of weekend games Mark had played during that season. Mark had played a minimum of 10 Weekend Friendlies, 12 matches for the full Hertfordshire senior team and 6 matches for the Hertfordshire County Under 30's team. This equated to a total of 28 weekend matches which was more than any club member had played that season. Recognition was given for this and for any future members wanting to play for Hertfordshire. A vote was taken and this was carried.

In 2005 the rule was amended again. This time to reduce that figure from 25% to a fixed 6 weekend friendly matches to be played in any one season. Again, this wasn't to make the Friendly matches seem any less important, but was further recognition that the club had become even more successful outside of the Weekend Friendly matches and this would now allow members more freedom and more time to fit all of their matches in. The proposal was put forward by the
Club Committee and this was carried.

And in the year 2016, the rule was abolished in its entirety by
The Committee as it felt the rule discriminated against those members that were in employment at the weekends, and therefore would not be able to meet the minimum requirement to play in any competitive matches the following season. This change in rule had now given every member the choice to play at whatever level they feel best suits them.

Today, Friendly matches are just as important as they have always been. With our membership numbers around the 100 figure, Buntingford are never short in fielding teams and today can boast that it will always endeavour to meet all weekend and mid-week friendly committments.

               Buntingford Bowls Club:
Buntingford Bowls Club is proud to have the values of 'A Club for all Ages, Abilities and Aspirations'. It doesn't matter what level you choose to play at. If it's important to you, then its important to everybody at the club and we should all respect that.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this comprehensive review about this great club of ours. Buntingford Bowls Club is really special to each and every member that has been part of its success over the years.

With over 500 members that have set foot in the club, there are so many that been mentioned throughout this review of our history.
If you don't see your name in here somewhere, it doesn't mean that you haven't played your part in making this club what it is today.
A Bowls Club can't survive without the time and effort many people put in week after week after week, and a huge amount of thanks is owed to all of those 'volunteers' over the last 96 years.
A few questions for every member to consider as you pass through our great Buntingford Bowls Club:
- How will you be remembered?
- What story will people say about you?
- Will you actually be remembered at all?
- Did you accomplish everything you set out to achieve?
- Will it be said that you had a positive impact on others?
And finally the biggest question of them all:
- What legacy are you leaving behind for others to follow......?

I leave you with just one thought and a great inspirational quote:

         "The main thing is still to make History,
                    not just to write about it."


Past Presidents

Presidents of the Associations:
Hertfordshire Bowls East Herts Bowls Association EH District Womens Bowls Association
1973   Stuart Robertson 2018   Tony Duffin 2017   Jenny Hawes
2001   Dick Hollington
1994   Eddie Plume
1970   Stuart Robertson
  Buntingford Bowls Club Past Presidents:
2017 Jenny Hawes 2018 Dinah Geere
2014 John Hicks 2015 John Stone 2016 Jenny Hawes
2011 Bryan Renney 2012 Eddie Plume 2013 Mary Smith
2008 Eddie Plume 2009 John Powell 2010 John Powell
2005 Rosemary Webber 2006 Rosemary Webber 2007 Eddie Plume
2002 Peter Auders 2003 Peter Auders 2004 Dave Jack
1999 Peter Ewins 2000 Dave Jack 2001 Dave Jack
1996 Denny Webb 1997 Eddie Plume 1998 Eddie Plume
1993 Wally Kidd 1994 Wally Kidd 1995 Denny Webb
1990 Roger Garratt 1991 Roger Garrratt 1992 Roger Garratt
1987 Mers Stean 1988 Ron Bown 1989 Roger Garratt
1984 Les Instone 1985 Les Instone 1986 Mers Stean
1981 Tom Gray 1982 Frank Bardwell 1983 Frank Bardwell
1978 Tom Gray 1979 William Hudgell 1980 Eddie Futter
1975 Merv Corp 1976 Merv Corp 1977 Fred Boniwell
1972 Merv Corp 1973 Merv Corp 1974 Merv Corp
1969 Frank Cannon 1968 Frank Cannon No Presidents prior to this date
Timeline of the significant events in the
History of Buntingford Bowls Club:
1914 Bowls was first played in the Town of Buntingford in Hertfordshire.
1919 Two rinks were formed in the grounds of Layston Cottage, Buntingford.
1922 Buntingford Bowls Club was officially founded.
1924 Buntingford Bowls Club win their first ever external competition:
East Herts Bowls League Fours.
1926 Buntingford Bowls Club moved to its current home of Wyddial Road, Buntingford.
1926 Buntingford Bowls Club are crowned East Herts Bowls League Division One Champions.
1947 Buntingford Bowls Club is officially elected to the Hertfordshire Bowls Association.
1955 Buntingford Bowls Club formed the Ladies Section.
1965 Buntingford Bowls Club win their first EHBA Team Championship:
Lyndhurst Trophy Champions.
1968 Buntingford Bowls Club win their very first EHBA Individual Competition:
EHBA Two Wood Pairs Champions Bernie Ansell & Frank Bardwell.
1970 Buntingford Bowls Club have their very first East Herts Bowls Association President:
Stuart Robertson.
1973 Buntingford Bowls Club have their very first Hertfordshire County President:
Stuart Robertson.
1974 Improvements were made to the Clubhouse with new Changing rooms and toilets fitted.
1977 Buntingford Bowls Club win their first ever EHBL Singles Championship:
Jeff Stean.
1983 Buntingford Bowls Club's first ever 'Club Grand Slam' completed in the same season:
Ron Bown wins the Club Singles, Handicap Singles, Four Wood Pairs & Two Wood Pairs.
1984 Buntingford Bowls Club win their first EHBA Champions of Champions:
Tom Gray
1987 Buntingford Bowls Club win their very first Ladies Monday Evening League Championship:
1988 Buntingford Bowls Club win their first EHBA Singles Championship:
Martin Watson.
1990 Buntingford Bowls Club win National Honours in the Royal British Legion Mixed Pairs:
Eileen Stean & Mers Stean.
1994 Buntingford Bowls Club have their second East Herts Bowls Association President:
Eddie Plume.
1994 The Bowls Green was raised on all sides and new ditches were built.
1995 Buntingford Bowls Club win their first ever East Area League Cup Final.
1995 Buntingford Bowls Club win its first ever Hertfordshire Bowls County Competition:
Mark Plume is the County Under 30 Singles Champion.
1996 Buntingford Bowls Club officially becomes a 'Mixed Club':
The club vote to integrate both the Ladies section and the Men's section into 'One Club'.
1996 Buntingford have its first ever representative in the Hertfordshire Middleton Cup Squad:
Mark Plume.
1997 Mark Plume wins a record 3rd consecutive Hertfordshire Bowls County Under 30 Singles.
1997 Buntingford Bowls Club secure a National Lottery Grant to construct a new Clubhouse.
1998 Construction of the new Buntingford Bowl Clubhouse is completed.
This was then officially opened by the Bowls England President.
2000 The topiary around the green begins to take shape thanks to club member Stan Keen.
2001 Buntingford Bowls Club have their third East Herts Bowls Association President:
Dick Hollington.
2002 Buntingford have their first ever representatives in the Hertfordshire Balcomb Trophy.
Scott Wake and Mark Plume.
2002 Buntingford Bowls Club win the EHBL Ranson Cup for the very first time.
2003 Buntingford Bowls Club Players nominated for a Bowls England International Trial:
Scott Wake and Mark Plume.
2005 Buntingford win their very first Major Hertfordshire Bowls County Competition:
Men's County League Champions.
2006 Buntingford Bowls Club's first ever 'Club Grand Slam' Ladies Finalist in the same season:
Rosemary Webber reaches the final of the Singles, Handicap, 4 Wood & 2 Wood Pairs.
2007 Buntingford Bowls Club win its first ever Hertfordshire Bowls County Triples Competition
Mark Plume, Scott Wake & John Powell
2007 Buntingford have their first competitors at the Bowls England National Championships:
Mark Plume, John Powell & Scott Wake play in the National Triples and reach the last 32.
2008 Buntingford play at the Bowls England National Championships in the National Fours:
Roger Evans, Carl Frostick, Mark Plume and Scott Wake reach the last 32.
2011 Buntingford Bowls Club Ladies reach their very first team EHDWBA Competition Final:
The Anniversary Cup.
2012 Mark Plume plays his 100th County match for Hertfordshire representing Buntingford.
2012 Buntingford Bowls Club enter two teams into the East Herts Bowls League:
The Buntingford Bears' and 'The Buntingford Bulls'
2013 Buntingford play at the Bowls England National Championships in the Mixed Fours:
Carl Frostick and his four reach the last 16.
2014 Buntingford play at the Bowls England National Championships in the National Fours:
Bryan Davies, Ken Mulqueen, Peter Agnew and John Powell reach the last 64.
2014 Buntingford win their second Major Hertfordshire Bowls County Competition:
Men's County League Champions.
2016 Buntingford Bowls Club win its first ever Hertfordshire Bowls Unbadged Singles Title:
Peter Agnew.
2015 Buntingford play at the Bowls England National Championships in the National Triples:
Carl Frostick, Scott Wake and Mark Plume reach the National Triples Semi Finals.
2016 Buntingford Bowls Club win its first ever Hertfordshire Bowls County Pairs Competition:
Peter Agnew & Mark Plume.
2016 Buntingford play at the Bowls England National Championships in the National Pairs:
Peter Agnew & Mark Plume reach the last 32.
2016 Buntingford Bowls Club complete their first ever EHBA 'Club Double':
Lyndhurst Trophy Champions and the Thurgood Cup Champions in the same season.
2016 Buntingford Bowls Club win its first ever East Herts District Women's BA Competition:
Dinah Geere wins the EHDWBA Millennium Singles.
2016 Mark Plume plays in his 100th Competition Final.
2017 Buntingford Bowls Club complete their second consecutive EHBA 'Club Double':
Lyndhurst Trophy Champions and the Thurgood Cup Champions in the same season.
2017 Buntingford have their very first East Herts Women's District Bowls Assoc. President:
Jenny Hawes.
2017 Buntingford Bowls Club reach their 10th East Area League Cup Final.
2017 Buntingford Bears win the East Herts Bowls League Division Three Championship.
2017 Buntingford Bowls Club Player nominated for a Bowls England International Trial:
Mark Plume
2017 Buntingford have their very first East Herts BA Officers Singles Champion:
Bryan Davies

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