Buntingford Bowls Club Players
that have represented Hertfordshire
1922 - 2017





1Mark Plume1491760195211996


2Scott Wake941229133642002


3Stuart Robertson910000911968


4Carl Frostick4301381662008


5Ron Bown240005191984


6Wayne O'Flanagan21031981992


7Roger Evans210015141987


8John Hicks210000211995


9John Powell190001181992


10Peter Agnew18036902014


11Tom Gray120000121980


12Jeff Stean110000111981


13Garry Warrender9042301985

(2017)* see below

14Mers Stean300003n/a


Dinah Geere300003n/a


16Ray Skipp200002n/a


Spencer Kerley200002n/a


18Ross Murphy100010n/a


Vic Greenberg100010n/a


20Beat Stone100001n/a


Gloria Cheeseman100001n/a


Martin Watson100001n/a


*Garry Warrender Joined Buntingford from Hertford Castle Bowls Club in 2016*

Previous record90242

Hertfordshire County Competition Points awarded up to 2017:

Debbie Marks5Chris Hatley2

Roxana Clifton4Val Moules2

Dinah Geere4Ellen Amos1

Joined Buntingford from Hertford Castle Bowls Club in 2016:

Vic Greenburg15

For information:
The first Hertfordshire County match was played in 1922 - coincidentally the year Buntingford Bowls Club was founded.
The first Eastern Counties League was formed in 1968 with Norfolk winning the title. Hertfordshire's first title came in 1980 and in total the County of Hertfordshire have won the Eastern Counties League Championship 10 times.
Below is the list of Buntingford Players that have been part of Hertfordshire's Eastern Counties League Championship's winning teams:
Mark Plume1996, 1997, 1999, 2013, 2016
Carl Frostick2013, 2016
Peter Agnew2016
Roger Evans2013

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